Friday, May 29, 2009

I have a confession to make...

Like most girls, I love fashion. My husband may tease me about it, but yes, I like to look at what other people are wearing. I may not be as fashionable as the next fashion blogger, but I appreciate fashion. SO, from this post onwards, I'll be posting some photos I took of unique & fashionable people (to me anyway). I may feature some on this blog, and we'll take a look (more like snoop) at their closets, bags, what inspires them to dress nice, etc.. This is my pet project. Here's hoping that I will not get lazy.
That's that.
This is Astrid. She's a registered nurse. She loves photography. We're doing a shoot on sunday.
On Astrid: Top from Topshop, Mango bangle, Leggings from Greenhills, Zara sandals, Skagen watch, Calvin Klein shades
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